Facebook is Changing, and So Should Your Ads

Date: Tuesday, March 13 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Location: Edison Restaurant, 3583 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33901

$25 for FPRA and PRSA Members
$30 for Non-members
$20 for Students


Facebook is making dramatic changes to the News Feed. For many small businesses, this will mean a drastic reduction in organic reach and engagement, meaning your audiences won’t see your posts as often, if at all. Even though these changes were expected, as usual, people are freaking out, and making wild assertions about the future of the platform.

Let’s set the record straight, Facebook isn’t going anywhere, and, for must businesses, it’s still a really great platform for getting in front of potential clients and customers. However, businesses can no longer rely on organic reach, which means you need to be pay for Facebook Ads to get noticed on the platform.

In this presentation, Bryon McCartney from Be Brilliant Marketing will explain Facebook’s recent changes, and discuss how they affect Facebook Ad strategies. Specifically, he will cover:

• The importance of setting clear goals
• How to set realistic ad budgets
• How to identify your target audience
• The best ad formats and placements
• How to measure performance

Bryon McCartney, the Chief Idea Guy and Managing Partner with Be Brilliant Branding and Marketing will present at the March luncheon.



Bryon’s Biography

Bryon began his career, in the early 90s, working as a production artist for a small agency in Chicago. By 1998, he was named Creative Director with Project 9X at Unilever North America.

In 2000, Bryon and his wife, Kellie Nolan, followed job opportunities that moved them to Switzerland. Bryon served as Chief Operating Officer and Creative Director for Wirz Interactive (pronounced Veertz) where he managed online communications for General Motors Europe, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and other high-level clients.

In 2003, he started his own venture, Studio M. Over the next few years, Bryon grew his business and in 2007, Kellie left her position as Agency Director with Gibbs-Soell Public Relations to join Bryon and start their first joint venture, Image Engineers. In 2012, Bryon and Kellie came to Southwest Florida to be closer to aging family members.

Be Brilliant focuses on helping businesses reach their goals by applying the best practices learned from working with the world-leading brands and companies.

Since arriving in Southwest Florida, Bryon has been active in the community, He has served on several boards, including the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, the Entrepreneurs Society of America, and currently the March of Dimes Southwest Florida Chapter. Kellie and Bryon recently served as co-chairs of the 2017 March of Dimes Signature Chefs auction, helping raise a record-setting $165,000 dollars.