FPRA Image Awards

The Local Image Awards competition is conducted annually by the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA to recognize outstanding public relations programs and to encourage the development of public relations professionals. By recognizing the very best examples of innovation, planning and design, the Image Awards encourage and enhance public relations professionalism in the communities that our members serve.

The competition culminates in an evening of celebration at the Local Image Awards. If you purchased tickets, we can’t wait to see you and celebrate with you on Thursday, April 18!

Award Divisions

Image Awards are divided into four main divisions:

  • Public Relations Programs
  • Printed Tools of Public Relations
  • Audio/Visual/Online Tools of Public Relations
  • Student Projects in Public Relations

Each entry division includes multiple categories.

Judging Criteria

When judges review an entry, seventy percent of the score will be taken from the two-page summary. Make sure to  review the judging criteria to ensure that your entry is ready to submit and, if you’re an FPRA member, you can review past winning entriesEntrants do not have to be members of the FPRA Southwest Florida Chapter to enter the competition.

Rules for Entry

An entry must include a two-page summary, supporting documentation, a 50 word summary of the project and a brief organizational overview of your organization. The outline of the two-page summary should follow the general outline of a public relations project: Research/Situation Analysis; Objectives; Implementation; Evaluation and Budget.