Membership in FPRA is a sound professional investment providing a variety of services, benefits and opportunities. It is dedicated to programs and activities that enhance the success of the public relations professional, including:

FPRA membership puts you in contact with more than 1,400 public relations practitioners in Florida who are available through e-mail or telephone. There are more than 100 members in Southwest Florida, and we coordinate joint networking events with other area professional organizations such as PRSA and AdFed.
Highly educational monthly luncheon programs feature speakers on a variety of topics relevant to public relations and related professions. We also host PRUniversity, a full-day professional development seminar. Members are always welcome to participate on various committees, which offer opportunities to practice skills and share experiences with other members. Members receive White Papers on public relations topics, and the chapter awards scholarships to attend the annual FPRA state conference.
The annual Image Awards competition allows members to measure their work against other public relations practitioners in Southwest Florida and prepare for the statewide Golden Image Awards competition. Receive recognition for your work and gain valuable feedback from qualified judges. The chapter also recognizes each year a Rising Star, Chapter Member of the Year, and PR Professional of the Year.
Study sessions are available for FPRA members to help them achieve the internationally recognized rank of Accredited in Public Relations (APR), and a second tier credential, Certified Public Relations Counselor (CPRC), for more seasoned members. The CPRC credential is only offered through FPRA.
Available positions in public relations are posted on this Web site, as well as on a statewide job bank accessible to FPRA members only.
Membership in the network is open to FPRA members who meet set criteria based on experience and credentials. Benefits include special programming such as the mid-year meeting and annual conference breakout sessions. Other special functions, as well as an annual business meeting, are held in conjunction with FPRA’s annual conference. For more information on Counselor’s Network, go to
FPRA offers leadership opportunities to its members to help them hone and enhance their leadership skills. Members have the opportunity to gain experience by serving in a leadership position and working with a group of public relations professionals to lead and direct our chapter, and eventually serve on the board of directors at the state association level. Leadership in FPRA helps build confidence, boosts your professional reputation and is a great experience to include on your resume. Organizational and motivational skills gained through chapter/state board or committee leadership positions can also improve and enhance work performance.