Each year, the FPRA Southwest Florida Chapter presents four awards to outstanding members of our chapter. These include PR Professional of the Year; Rising Star; Chapter Member of the Year; and the Unsung Hero. The Lifetime Achievement Award, the Pam Nulman Soaring Eagle PR Award, and the Friends of Janet Philanthropic Award are only awarded when there is an individual eligible and it is not required to distribute it annually

Chapter Awards will be distributed at the Local Image Awards Ceremony on April 15, 2021.

Chapter Award Nominations

PR Professional of the Year

Our chapter honors a member who exemplifies the high standards of the public relations profession in Southwest Florida with the PR Professional of the Year award. The recipients of this award display a professional attitude and exercise professional conduct, are cooperative and supportive of fellow public relations professionals, and are very interested in raising the professional standing of FPRA in our community. Think of this person as one who both leads by word and deed. She/he is a person you respect for their work and for their determination to constantly improve.
2020 PR Professional of the Year: Jaimie Miller, APR

The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes an up and coming leader in our chapter. This is someone who has shown enthusiasm and passion for the profession, and where ever you see them, they are likely to be making a positive difference through their service to chapter events, career pursuits and in other arenas. We like to encourage our members to seek opportunities to get involved, and the Rising Star awardee is someone who puts this call into action.
2020 Rising Star: Kandice Hayes

Chapter Member of the Year

The Southwest Florida Chapter Member of the Year Award is one who goes above and beyond in their commitment of time and energy to ensure the success of the chapter. Not only has this recipient embraced the creative thinking and opportunities for participation in chapter programs and projects, but she or he also serves as an ambassador to the community of what FPRA is all about. This person excels at their profession, and enjoys giving back to this chapter to inspire future PR leaders to learn and grow through FPRA.
2020 Chapter Member of the Year: Niki Mann

Unsung Hero Award

In 2013, we added another award to our annual slate of honorees. The Unsung Hero Award was created to recognize the contributions of an individual SWFL FPRA member for their hard work and dedication to the chapter ‘behind the scenes’ that helps to enhance and promote the Public Relations profession. This award honors an individual who consistently provides support and assistance to the chapter and its professional goals without hesitation.
2020 Chapter Unsung Hero: Lisa Murray, APR, CPRC

Lifetime Achievement Award

By far the most prestigious and honorable award, the Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for those public relations professionals who have dedicated their career to the profession and the advancement of it. It’s given only when there is someone eligible and is not required to be distributed annually.
2020 Lifetime Achievement Award: Victoria Moreland

Pam Nulman Soaring Eagle PR Award 

The Pam Nulman Soaring Eagle PR Award was established in 2018 to honor retired public relations practitioner, Pam Nulman, APR, CPRC. Passionate about lifelong learning and naturally restless and inquisitive, Pam followed an already successful 25-year career in corporate public relations and as an independent public relations practitioner to mentor aspiring young PR professionals in the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University. Throughout Pam’s long career she was always devoted to leadership and mentorship of the next generation of public relations professionals.

This award recognizes an active FPRA FGCU student member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership ability, talent and passion for the public relations profession, as well as esteemed contributions to the student organization. This student is one that is respected by their peers for their dedication to lifelong learning in the field of public relations. Students competing for this award will be judged based on their leadership, public relations-related achievements, and their commitment to furthering the public relations profession.

This award is given only when there is an individual eligible and does not require distribution annually.
2020 Pam Nulman Soaring Eagle PR Award: Sorena Kleinschmidt-Vargas

Friends of Janet Philanthropic Award

Janet WilsonThe Friends of Janet (FOJ) Philanthropic Award was established in memory of Janet Wilson, a true leader during her decade as a member of the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA, who passed away unexpectedly in December 2019. Janet was kind to everyone she met and contributed graciously to a vast list of worthy causes in our community. Janet never met a stranger, and often joked about her worldwide network of ‘Friends of Janet’.

The FOJ award is bestowed upon an active member of the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA who embodies the spirit of Janet Wilson’s philanthropy and has a proven track record of dedication to the community through volunteering and leadership. The deserving chapter member is someone who consistently demonstrates generosity by giving their time, talent and treasure to benefit our community and leads by example to inspire others to do the same.

This award is given only when there is an individual eligible and does not require distribution annually. The recipient of this award must also be a member in good standing for a minimum of 2 chapter years.
2020 Friends of Janet Philanthropic Award: Jessica Walker, APR, CPRC

Joe Curley Rising Leader Award

The Joe Curley Rising Leader Award is awarded at the state level at FPRA’s Annual Conference. This award is intended to identify and honor up-and-coming individual FPRA members that demonstrate emerging leadership traits along with dedicated active involvement in FPRA Chapter activities, programs, functions and events. The goal of the award is to help recognize personal dedication and engagement of members with two to five years of membership, and to help build a healthy leadership stream at the local chapter level. 

Past Award Winners:

YearPR ProfessionalMember of the YearRising StarUnsung HeroLifetime AchievementFriends of JanetPam Nulman Award
2020Jaimie Miller, APRNiki MannKandice HayesLisa Murray, APR, CPRCVicki MorelandJessica Walker, APR, CPRCSorena Kleinschmidt-Vargas
2019Tiffany Esposito, MA, APRJaimie Miller, APR and Trish Robertson, APR, CPRCNiki MannVicki MorelandPam Nulman, APR, CPRCKrista Kihlander
2018Betsy Clayton, APR, CPRCLisa Murray, APR, CPRCHeather Doane, APRTrish Robertson, APR, CPRCTeri Hansen, APR
2017Jessica Walker, APR, CPRCRandy Mitchelson, APRLisa Murray, APR, CPRCPam Nulman, APR, CPRC
2016Connie Ramos-WilliamsMike Jackson, APRKate Hampton, APR and
McKenzie Cassidy
Tiffany Whitaker, APRCarolyn Rogers,
2015Samantha Scott, APRAngie Strait, APRJaimie Miller, APRVicki MorelandKate Gooderham, APR, CPRC
2014Vicki MorelandHeidi Taulman, APRTrish Robertson, APR, CPRC & Jessica BolesKara Winton, APR, CPRCAmy Gravina, APR
2013Phyllis Ershowsky, APR, CPRCPhyllis Ershowsky, APR, CPRCJanelle BeaberLaura Puerto, APR
2012Carolyn Rogers, APR, CPRCMichelle NagelTiffany Esposito-Kittinger, APR
2011Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRCPhyllis Ershowsky, APR, CPRCErin Croop
2010Pam Nulman, APR, CPRCVictoria MorelandDanielle Flood
2009Tina Haisman, APR, CPRCLaura Puerto, APRCarla Ulakovic
2008Kara Winton, APR, CPRCGinny CooperVicki Collins
2007Karen Sloan, APR, CPRCKara Winton, APR, CPRCLaura Puerto, APR
2006Mary Briggs, APR, CPRCOlivia OrthKirsty Whelen
2005Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRCDeb Webb, APRKaley Miller
2004Melinda Isley, APRNancy McCarthy, APR & Debbie SteelePaul Filla, APR
2003Colleen Reynolds, APREileyn Sobeck-Bador, APRNancy McCarthy, APR & Olivia Orth
2002Karen Ryan, APR, CPRCLee Rose
2001Laska Ryan, APRKate Gooderham, APR, CPRC
2000Susan JohnsonKelly Powell
1999Teri Hansen, APRTina Haisman, APR, CPRC
1998Susan Bennett, APR, CPRCMelinda Isley, APR
1997Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRCSusan Johnson
1995/ 1996Andrea Meyer, APR, CPRCCarolyn Rogers, APR, CPRC
1994Kitty Green, APR & Craig Bair, APR, CPRCMary Briggs, APR, CPRC
1993Margie Byers, APRBetsy Pearce
1992Deb WolfsonTrish Leonard
1991George CecilClaudia O’Brien, APR
1990Donna Woldorf, APRCyndi Doragh & Steve Floethe
1989Craig Bair, APR, CPRCLynn Schneider, APR, CPRC
1988Laurel Smith, APRJanette Hunt
1987Amy Gravina, APRNancy Frahmann, APR, CPRC