The Local Image Award two-page summaries provide entrants with valuable insights for entering their work, if they choose, into FPRA’s Award programs: the Local Image Awards or the statewide Golden Image Awards.

The Image Awards competition mirrors the Golden Image Awards but is held on a local level as opposed to statewide. Both the Local Image and Golden Image competitions include four divisions, and within these divisions are multiple categories.

Division A – Public Relations Programs

A public relations program is defined as a broad-based communications endeavor using two or more public relations tools.

Division B – Collateral of Public Relations

Public relations collateral is any material, printed or digital, used for a public relations purpose, either standing alone or as part of a public relations program. It includes written and electronic material and specialty items. In the case of regularly produced printed, or digitally printed materials, such as newsletters or magazines, one to three issues should be included in the support material.

Division C – Digital Tools of Public Relations

This division includes any online, audio or audio/visual presentation or program that serves a public relations objective. Audio, video or electronic presentations should be submitted with a copy of the script or storyboard, if available.

Division D – Student Project in Public Relations

This division is restricted to entries submitted by full- or part-time students enrolled at accredited Florida universities or colleges. Student projects in public relations include printed or digital materials and campaigns created for public relations purposes, whether assigned for a course or completed outside the classroom. A photocopy of the entrant’s valid student ID must be attached to the entry from.

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