On November 18th San Francisco takes center stage as the TWTRCON SF 2010 Business in Real-Time conference comes to town for a jammed-pack day of speakers, case studies and workshops on how to effectively use Twitter as a strategic business tool.

Southwest Florida will be well represented at TWTRCON with FPRA member and Past President Ginny Cooper having been selected to conduct one of the first workshops offered at TWTRCON. While it’s easy to see how Twitter may be strategically advantageous for large businesses and well known brands, it’s often difficult for small businesses to see the value and allocate the resources to emerging platforms such as Twitter.

Cooper will be bridging the perceived gap for small businesses and solopreneurs, sharing lessons she has learned on how to strategically use Twitter to manage reputation, generate leads, grow business, and nurture customer loyalty. You can follow Cooper on her TWTRCON journey on Twitter @GinnyCooper.