Danielle Ronno, Elizabeth Paz, David Simmons, Joy Tutino, Marie Kennedy

On Sunday, May 1, seven members of our FPRA Student Chapter graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University. For the first time ever, they wore light blue FPRA “honor” cords provided by our professional chapter in recognition of their commitment to the student organization. Led by the student chapter president, David Simmons, this was the culmination of a very successful year that included a series of panel discussions, workshops and guest speakers. Two student scholarships will be awarded to attend this year’s annual FPRA conference taking place in Naples this August, and our FPRA Internship Program has been reactivated this summer. Congratulations to our student chapter — their motivation, energy and enthusiasm ensures a bright future for the PR profession!

Audrey Chow, Susan Holland, David Simmons, Jaime Jones
Susan Holland, Professor, Intern Advisor and FPRA Liaison, David Simmons, Jaime Jones