On January 6, professor Andrea Fortin from Hodges University discussed how to develop a successful social media campaign. She began by stating that the most important aspects were the “ACC’s” of social media- audience, content and community. Ms. Fortin explained that first you must consider your audience and who you’re trying to reach. Will these people want to be associated with your posts or brand? Will they want to share the content? If not, you may want to reevaluate your messaging and content. You will also need to adapt to your audience. If they are using Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter etc. in a certain way, then in order to reach them, you will need to create the campaign in that way. In other words, “the medium is the message.”
The content of your message is just as important. Make sure to research hashtags before you use them or create your own. Make sure that your message is creative, funny, and engaging. A great example of this is Taylor Swifts “Taylurking.” Don’t know what that is? Click here. 
Finally, community is the third most important aspect to consider in your social media campaign. Public relations and any campaign is really designed to build relationships with your fans, customers, stakeholders, etc. Without building this community of followers or fans you won’t have longevity and neither will your product, brand or event.