The Call for Entries for Local Image Awards will be sent in late January. It will contain all the information you need for an Image entry including judging criteria, awards presented, rules for entry, deadlines and where submissions need to be sent, descriptions of each of the divisions and categories, entry fees, the official entry form and an entry checklist.

Whether you are new to the process or a seasoned Image participant, use the Call for Entries as your step-by-step guide to staying on track. A new project is kind of like your very own PR science experiment – you have a hypothesis or great idea, develop a plan, consider and address the variables, observe and collect data, create back-up materials, formulate the project results and come up with a final conclusion.

One very helpful hint is to ask someone who is not invested in the project to review your entry. A colleague, with a fresh perspective and eyes, may notice something that needs to be corrected or clarified.

And finally – we know we mentioned it last month, but make sure you proofread and present your project in the best way possible. We have a new chapter judging our entries this year. So, let’s show the Pensacola chapter what great work Southwest Florida professionals are doing in the PR field!

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” – Marcus Aurelius