If you know anyone who may be considering becoming a member of the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA please share with them exciting news – membership is now half off! 
Caught your eye, didn’t I?
Due to the structure of our organization, our fiscal runs November 1October 31 so as of May 1 non-members can apply for a 6-month membership, which equates to half the price of a full membership! This would be effective from the date of their application approval by the board through October 31, 2013. Alternatively, they can also sign up for a year and a half membership, which would be valid from the date of their application approval through October 31, 2014
Let’s keep our chapter strong and growing and look for people who might want to join FPRA. The 6-month membership is a great way for them to try us out and then decide to join for a full year!  
Have questions or need help? Contact Samantha Scott, APR at samantha@getpushing.com.