A special “Thank You” goes out to Michelle’s Angels Foundation, our sponsor for our July 12th business luncheon. Michelle’s Angels Foundation is a faith based, non-denominational 501c3 charity which provides love, hope and compassion to those who quietly suffer. Founded in 2004, the Michelle’s Angels Foundation is lead by a unique team of volunteer professionals across America from New York to Florida, Texas to Tennessee.

President Pam Nulman, APR, CPRC, Sponsor Randy Mitchelson and President Elect,
Carla  Ulakovic at the FPRA SWFL Chapter’s July business meeting.

 The Foundation is special in many ways including its partnership with singer/songwriters (the Foundation refers to them as Angel Artists) from across America who provide their gifts of music in hopes that by doing so, they are comforting the hearts of those who are hurting. Michelle’s Angels provides free services such as:

  1. on-line Prayer List and Remembrance List
  2. moving and compelling stories on its website
  3. Hope Concerts in an ailing community
  4. bedside performances before patients of hospitals, cancer treatment centers, surgical wards and HOSPICE’

The Michelle’s Angels Foundation is touching lives while turning away no one regardless of their faith, ethnic origin, location or nature of their suffering. The Foundation’s online Prayer List is an unprecedented community of prayer which has repeatedly been credited with restoring the faith, hope or courage among those afflicted with anyone of life’s many challenges.

The online Remembrance List is intended to comfort families who have lost a loved one while providing all who visit the Foundation’s website with an opportunity to learn more about one who has passed and then remembering them in their prayers.

Other examples of programs initiated by the Michelle’s Angels Foundation include but are not limited to monthly outreach calls to people on the prayer list who are suffering to insure they are OK and not in need of any assistance. The Foundation is also conducting a national campaign in search of kidney donors. Each year on the first Wednesday of March the Foundation stages its “Gentlemen, Hug Your Brides Day”, a sentimental reminder for husbands to appreciate their brides.

Southwest Florida companies that share similar values to the spirit of Michelle’s Angels can support the organization through sponsorships of events like Hope Concerts or sponsorship of “Gentlemen, Hug Your Brides Day”. In addition, employees within organizations can get involved as angel volunteers, providing professional help in areas such as accounting, event organization, website communications, social media and contacting people who are listed on the Michelle’s Angels prayer list to let them know someone cares.

One Southwest Florida business supporting Michelle’s Angels is National Web Leads, a Southwest Florida based company that delivers technology solutions to the internet marketing industry. Led by owner Randy Mitchelson, National Web Leads is living the spirit of our July meeting theme – Professional Philanthropy: Giving of your time. National Web Leads has partnered with the Michelle’s Angels Foundation and invests both financial and professional resources.

One of National Web Leads’ customer groups is financial institutions. In that light, National Web Leads is underwriting the creation of a Financial Toolbox service for Michelle’s Angels. This will provide families with access to experts and resources to help deal with the financial ramifications of life altering and life shortening circumstances such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and other life challenges.

For more information on Michelle’s Angels visit: http://www.MichellesAngels.com.