Doing a little flip-flop in the agenda here while Special Events sets up their very visual presentation…

Phyllis Ershowsky, APR and Pam Nulman, APR are discussing the whys, when and hows of measuring your your PR effort.

I liked Karen’s pudding analogy:
Awareness objective – do they know who brought the pudding?
Acceptance objective – did they like the pudding?
Ability and action objective – has the behavior been affected? (Are they coming back for seconds? Asking for the recipe?)

Pam: Nobody likes to talk about budgets, especially PR people!
Does anybody actually have a line item for PR in your budget? Only 2 did!
How many have a marketing budget? Fundraising budget? (A couple more hands)

Four traditional ways organizations set budgets:
% of total revenue
How much competitors are spending
Specific task or goal
Expense everything, PR gets what’s leftover
Plus: We don’t need one because we can get it pro bono!

Fixed costs and variable costs: PR is usually a variable cost.
To handle PR in-house with dedicated staff, outsource it or do it yourself? Measurement and budgeting can help determine this.