In simple economics, we are taught to invest in things that appreciate in value. This is naturally true with cars and homes, but how often do we apply these principals to ourselves and our careers? If the goal is to increase your own personal value, then it should stand to reason that you should invest in opportunities that will help you attain your personal and professional goals.

Our Chapter Board is working hard to deliver value in 2011-2012 by bringing you ways to invest in your own futures through diverse programming; fulfilling networking events; and volunteer opportunities.

On Friday, November 4, you will have an amazing opportunity to invest in your future at PR University. The strategies, trends, tips and tactics you’ll learn in our Chapter’s largest professional seminar will be sure to make an impact on how you approach public relations. The intensive, full-day seminar provides valuable advice and a great opportunity to network. The speakers – truly some of the best in the business– will give you knowledge that you can use the moment you step out of the seminar actually begin achieving your goals.

We believe in helping individuals find the road to success. And to help in the journey, the Southwest Chapter has once again partnered with the Southwest Florida Community Foundation and the News-Press to offer scholarships to students and non-profits for PRU registration.

Another great way to invest in your future is to volunteer your time to the Chapter and watch what your efforts can accomplish! Maybe volunteering to Chair Image, seems like a daunting task, but have you considered blogging an event or greeting guests at a Chapter luncheon?

We understand that everyone is doing more with less and are proud to offer membership scholarships to interested members as an investment in the future of our chapter. We also offer a strong support network for credentialing candidates who are looking at making the ultimate investment in their future by pursuing an APR or CPRC.

If you make the right investments now, your career will continue to appreciate in years to come.

So, I ask you to join the 2011-2012 board in an effort to make this another fantastic year for the Southwest Florida Chapter and pledge to:

  • Get involved in our chapter by, attending and supporting luncheons and events; volunteering on committees, sponsoring an event, writing articles for the newsletter or presenting at a luncheon.
  • Be ambassadors for FPRA and the public relations profession.