A love letter, mysteriously found…hmmm.

Dear Public Relations:

Through all the ups and downs, it is tough to know who will be there for you no matter what. But I have faith in you. You see me through a positive lens and lift me up when it seems the world is a very unfriendly place. When things aren’t going so well or we make a mistake, you know how to speak the truth and keep focused on our company values and how to make it right. It’s true, some may whisper slights like “spin doctor” or “flack” when they speak of you, but the truth is you are in touch with the needs of people and our diverse audiences, ready to build relationships and defend well-earned reputations. You work ethically and systematically, realizing that every project worth developing deserves a plan. Life is complicated, but you have a knack for writing and explaining the details and being creative all at the same time. Plus, you reach out and work so well with others, like Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting and Legal Services. Connecting with people at every step of the process, through all manners of traditional means and newfangled online tools, you, my dear Public Relations, are my life-line to the people on whom my very success or failure depends.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

All my love,

Business, Inc.