Birgit (like Beer and geet like Guitars…two of our favorite things) of Pauli Systems has launched into an RSS Feed presentation.

So you might be wondering…”What the heck is an RSS Feed?”

The answer: Standard since 1999 Real Simple Syndication (RSS Feeds)– Standard way to provide content across sites and tools

First step of social media is Listen, RSS feeds help you listen and organize the “noise” aka conversations.

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Subscribe to feed in Twitter via search box and it will shoot you information by including a hash tag (#) then keyword you are looking for.

Google reader is an excellent way to sort through the “noise” to find what you are looking for with greater ease. An added perk is that you can share items that you’ve searched to help educate others via Google.

And yes…RSS Feeds are free…so no subscription fees! This allows you to keep in the loop and get more information.

Other RSS Feeds

Technrati — A Blog Directory.
How its used? – You have to claim a post a(technoroti walks you through this)

Next on the list of must use is Delicious — and you can share you RSS Feeds from Google Reader here 🙂

Where are the people who are talking about the topics I want to Know about? Where to I find them? RSS Feeds are a great place to start.

Beyond the Google Reader are RSS Feed listening tools.

FriendFeed: This is a platform that shows you all over your feeds from Twitter, Blogs, and several other social media platforms that individuals may be.

Friend Feed Allows users to expand on conversations created on other mediums and shares them with all of your “friends”.

New RSS listening tools Alltop…an online magazine rack of popular topics.

RSS Feeds Part Two…RSS Feeds As a Publisher

Some RSS feed driven e-mail broadcasts…