By Jessica Boles

Instagram defined is “a free photo sharing app that lets users click pictures from their mobile phones, apply an optional “filter” to the image and share it with their friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram’s own social network.” You can take pictures within the Instagram app, filter and even title your photo to share with other users or e-mail to yourself. With 58 photos being uploaded per second, folks these days are taking pictures more than ever before.
Besides being one of the most popular social media outlets for individuals, businesses are taking this a step further and using this handy little app to give them better visibility in their communities. Some suggestions for these businesses include the following: Taking pictures of your products and showing them off. Taking some “behind the scene” shots, give sneak previews and introducing new employees to your followers.
Just like Facebook, companies can use this social media outlet to build brand awareness and direct their marketing campaigns toward a targeted audience. Using Instagram for business is an easy way to take advantage of promoting your products and services and more companies are leaning towards this app to help with their media campaigns and social media marketing efforts.