Lessons from Conference

77th Annual FPRA Conference
PR Now: Stronger, Smarter, Faster

The 2015 FPRA Annual Conference, held earlier this month in Orlando Florida, equipped attending public relations professionals for success with high-caliber speakers, lively networking sessions, and several recognition ceremonies that honored outstanding PR achievements and accreditation.

General sessions and breakout presentations highlighted current and emerging trends, tools, and tactics that add value to the PR industry today. As keynote speaker Keri Potts shared during her general session, Captain of Your Own Career, “Keep an eye on the future and fight to stay on top . . . Figure out what is important to you, and go for that. Be flexible if necessary, but never lose hold of confidence.”

Potts encouraged her audience to make tough decisions about their career and aspire to do great things. Other speakers at the conference echoed these sentiments, and provided tips and techniques in numerous areas: branding, analytics, content development, media relations, social media strategy, and more.

Join this year’s conference scholarship recipients as they share key takeaways during the monthly membership meeting on Sept. 1. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear wisdom from PR practitioners from Walt Disney World Resort, Google, and the Poynter Institute. RSVP online at https://www.fpraswfl.org/event-registration/?ee=38.