Check out these new member benefits now available through the state association!

Add your photo to the FPRA Directory.

All members can now upload a photo of themselves to correspond with their contact information in the FPRA Directory. To do so, simply log into the FPRA site and then go to the “Active Members” page. There, in the right-hand column, you will find an option to: Upload Member Photo. Click this button and then follow the steps to upload your photo. Once your photo has been uploaded, it will appear in the right-hand column of your “Active Members” page, as well as in the directory.

FPRA offers new opportunity to promote your business. 

If you’re a freelancer, or work for, or own an agency … you can now advertise your PR services on the new FPRA Public Service Directory, found on the home page. The cost to be in this directory for one full year (12 months) is only $25. Once the Directory is populated it will be prominently displayed on the FPRA homepage, accessible to the public. What is NOT accessible to the public is this offer. Only FPRA members can list their services in this Directory. To take advantage of this member-only benefit, click here to get started.