The Southwest Florida chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association is dedicated to programs and activities that enhance the success of public relations professionals in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, and Glades Counties.

Download a fact sheet about our membership here.

Our chapter members enjoy a number of benefits, including:

• Networking with 100 FPRA members in Southwest Florida, along with other related professional associations.

• Professional development, including monthly educational luncheon programs, and our PR University full-day program. Click here to see the list of events.

• Professional recognition through our annual local Image Awards and chapter member awards.

• Professional accreditation and certification study sessions.

• Local and statewide job banks.

Leadership opportunities through our chapter Board of Directors and Leadership Team.

Our chapter members ascribe to the FPRA Code of Ethics.

SWFL Chapter Past Presidents:

2021 Heather Doane, APR
2020 Randy Mitchelson, APR
2019 Lisa Murray, APR, CPRC
2018 Tiffany Whitaker, APR, CPRC
2017 Jessica Potts
2016 Trish Robertson, APR, CPRC
2015 Heidi Davis, APR, CPRC
2014 Samantha Scott, APR
2013 Jessica Clark, APR, CPRC
2012 Carla Ulakovic
2011 Pam Nulman, APR, CPRC
2010 Kathleen Taylor, APR
2009 Ginny Cooper
2008 Barbara-Anne Urrutia
2007 Olivia Orth
2006 Nancy McCarthy, APR
2005 Eileyn Sobeck-Bador, APR
2004 Deb Webb, APR
2003 Karen Ryan, APR, CPRC
2002 Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRC
2001 Kelly Powell, APR
2000 Tina Haisman, APR, CPRC
1999 Susan Johnson
1998 Louisa Grace, APR
1997 Melinda Isley, APR
1995/1996 Kurt Harclerode, APR
1994 Rae Nicely, APR
1993 Andrea Meyer, APR, CPRC
1992 Mary Briggs, APR, CPRC
1991 Craig Bair, APR, CPRC
1990 Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC
1989 Teri Hansen, APR
1988 Louisa Grace, APR
1987 Rina Henderson
1986 Barbara Schropp
1985 Paul Kutz