Those of you who attended FPRA’s Annual Conference know firsthand the awesome energy that was flowing, but those who weren’t there had a chance to feel it through social media. The social media posts highlighted favorite speakers and sessions and announced and congratulated award recipients. They also showed how gorgeous everyone looked at the Golden Image Awards banquet and made everyone’s mouth water with the pictures of the infamous FPRA Chocolate Break and the Dillin Dessert!  These posts did more than make those who didn’t attend want to mark their calendars for next year – they trended on social media! The conference hashtag #FPRA2015AC was up to number three during the Golden Image Awards banquet on August 11. Here are a few tips to get your next event’s hashtag trending:
1.     Create a unique hashtag: Choose a hashtag that is unique to your event. Be sure you check to see that it hasn’t been used before and that it’s not been used in a negative way.  
2.     Start the conversation: Start using the hashtag in social media posts about the event and continue to use it as you post updates and relevant information throughout the event.
3.     Let attendees know the official hashtag and ask them to use it: Simply make attendees aware of the official hashtag and ask them to use it when posting pictures or Tweeting about your event.
4.     Offer incentives: Many guests will use the hashtag without an incentive, but offering up some sort of prize or even an upgrade at the event may give them more motivation. 
            These are just a few tips to help your next event trend. If you missed the conference, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter page to see our PR superheroes in action at the conference and examples of the #FPRA2015AC hashtag.