If you are responsible for the content management of social media pages, then you know all too well how difficult it can be to come up with ideas to keep your audience engaged. Social media shouldn’t be used to solely promote your company or product; it should also be a place where you build relationships. A recent article on Netweaveonline.com entitled “6 ‘go-to’ Facebook Posts” lists ideas that you can try if you are in need of some inspiration to engage your fans and get them interacting.

Below are the six “Go-To” posts they recommend:
1.     A simple text-only question: Asking a question is an easy way to get your fans to engage. This article suggests something as simple as: “If you were to get in your car right now, how long would it take you to get here?”   
2.     A shareable meme: In case you don’t know, an internet meme can be a funny image, text, video, or hashtag. Memes are all over social media and with so many to choose from, you can almost always find one that relates to your company. If you aren’t able to find one, there are websites where you can create your own. 
3.     A caption-this photo: Find a photo that is relevant to your business and ask your fans how they would caption it.  
4.     A “this vs. that” question: People love giving their opinion! Find something relevant and ask your fans what they prefer. You can keep it simple and just use text or add a photo to make it stand out more on their newsfeed.
5.     An inspirational quote:  Share a quote that your fans can relate to. Quotes that they find sentimental or motivating will get the most response and including a photo will elicit shares. 
6.     A trending hashtag: You can search to find hashtags that are trending or you can use the popular “day of the week” hashtags such as #SundayFunday or #ThrowbackThursday. 

The next time you are racking your brain for engaging material, try one of these “go to” posts to get your fans interacting. When trying new ideas on social media, be sure to maintain the same tone you’ve established with your fans and keep all of your interactions relevant to your business.