By Tina Haisman, APR, CPRC

Media releases have gained tremendous strength in recent years as search engine optimization has gained steam. Now, just by writing a news release and posting it online, you can drive visitors to your website – IF you do it right!
I learned a lot by writing and distributing the Million Dollar Coupon media release last year, so I thought I’d share a few tidbits about writing SEO releases with you in this column.
  1. Write a fantastic, newsworthy release that is rich with key words targeted to your audience. Keep it short – around 500 words.
  2. If you can, give your release a unique URL on your website, using key words.
  3. Write a short summary to go under your headline – just one or two sentences – using as many of your key words as possible.
  4. Include web page links to other pages on your web site – keep it to a maximum of one link for each 100 words in your release.
  5. Take advantage of multi-media – add a downloadable photo and/or a short video. This gives journalists all the tools they need to write a story.

Although you can pay hundreds of dollars to have your SEO release distributed, there are many free and inexpensive news release distribution services out there today. You have nothing to lose by trying it!

Local PR Pro Susan Bennett, APR, CPRC told me about, and a local colleague of mine, Tara Geissinger, co-founded Check them out to learn more about how SEO releases can work for you!