By: Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRC

The purpose of the “Credentialing Corner” is to give FPRA members ideas they can use. As you’ve seen over the past two years, the ideas have run the gamut. My idea this month is really simple: Do something different. So often we are so busy that we just put one foot in front of the other and keep going – take care of kids, go to work, spend time with our spouse and so on. After awhile, we lose our creativity –our most prized possession.

I’ll tell you about some of the things I do in hopes these ideas may help you. First, I go to the FPRA annual conference. Not only do I learn a great deal, but it completely changes my days from doing to listening and thinking. I’m a great note taker, so I have two pieces of paper — one is for notes from the speaker, and the other is for ideas the speaker inspires. Often they have nothing to do with what the speaker says. At conference, I’m just more open to them.

Second, I exercise. I swim, bicycle and walk, which provide opportunities to think. Yoga teaches me how to herd those thoughts. Other exercises force us to think only about the activity, giving the mind a change. I understand golf is like that. All of the above give you a chance think differently.

Finally, I look for new challenges that force me to look at the world in a new way. I just became a certified race director and am part of a group putting on the Galloway Captiva Triathlon. The whole process has taught me a great deal about myself and my capabilities. Whatever you choose, do something different to stimulate your mind.