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By Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRC
In public relations, we all have to become experts in other disciplines.  These eight CPRCs know their public relations, but they are each an expert in at least one other field.  Match the name with the expertise!

1. Susan Bennett
2. Phyllis Ershowsky
3. Kate Gooderham
4. Pam Nulman
5. Carolyn Rogers
6. Karen Ryan
7. Lynn Schneider
8. Kara Winton

A. Law enforcement
B. Professional sports promotion
C. 20th century literature
D. Interior design
E. Fundraising
F. Career counseling
G. Beach processes
H. Journalism

Answers: 1.h., 2.c., 3.g., 4.f., 5.e., 6.b., 7.d., 8.a.