Have a PR Tip to Share?

Whether you’ve been in the public relations field for one year or 30; you have a resource tip that is invaluable. Generally it is a website, but it may be a free application; a social media group, page, or hint; a book or other resource. We would like share one or two tips a month with members in “Tidbits”. Send your tidbits to Kate Gooderham and please mark that they are tidbits.

Tidbit 1 – Submitted by Karen Ryan, APR, CPRC

www.FreePressRelease.com provides permanent hosting of your media releases absolutely free! Please note that the free service, as with many free posting services, include advertisements posted on your media release and you have no choice of the products or services that are advertised. You can, for a fee, enroll in the Add Eliminator Unlimited Plan. Even if you don’t post a release, there are great media release tips on the site.

Want to have your media release evaluated for marketing effectiveness? Visit www.pressrelease.grader.com

Tidbit 2 – Submitted by Laura Puerto

Two words can save you time, stress and money! That’s right! Google Alerts allow you to stay on top of just about anything your heart desires. These e-mail alerts are simple to set up and are free! Based on your topic(s), Google Alerts can track the web, blogs and more on a once-a-day, once-a-week or as-it-happens basis. Google Alerts make tracking media impressions, keeping tabs on the competition or just hearing the latest gossip on your favorite star a snap! To sign up, visit http://www.google.com/alerts.