Kirsten’s favorite appetizer is wings! Twitter wings!
Twitter does have an introductory video on their web site. We’re watching it now.
Ability to include links especially helpful for business.
Can’t use boldface, italics, quotes, so be careful about your phrasing.
Why an organization might consider tweeting:
Product loyalty (ex: Albion’s Oven tweets every time something comes out of the oven)
Brand following (ex: Obama campaign)
When you’re in the news, send out a Tweet and link to the story
Web site that constantly updates
When you produce an external newsletter or alerts/bulletins
Who’s your chef? What kind of online personality do you want to use?
The Happy Medium: Your Twitter Alter-Ego (just like 102.9 BOB-FM)
Create a character (ex: GoodLilly Tweets for Suncoast Goodwill)
Best practices:
You want people to be able to recognize you (and your avatar) – logo, storefront, branding image
Pick a user name that’s easy to remember and close to your web address
Drive traffic to your web site
Shorten your links
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