By: Jessica Boles

The future of mobile social networking is inevitable. Nearly half of the world’s social media users are visiting media sites from their phones. What does this mean for marketing your company or business?
More people these days are “on the go” and using their cell phones for not only phone calls and text messages, but social media networking. Consumers are watching videos, using apps and creating message services (think “Text-to-Win” contests). Companies can create videos using Viddy, a new social network focusing on sharing 15 second clips. They can post their videos to YouTube. They can create mobile apps from AppMakr, MyAppBuilder or MobiCart. They can create messaging services through Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). The possibilities are becoming endless.
One of the biggest misconceptions for small businesses is assuming that mobile marketing is for large corporations and huge budgets. Not so. A good social media marketer can create a buzz in the social media without spending a dime.