Harvest Program
By Phyllis Erhowsky
If time tracking and time management are key factors in your professional life, Harvest can make that process so much easier.  We used to track our time manually on Excel sheets and then transfer to reports and invoices at the end of each month.

With Harvest:

-You and your staff can simply enter time for each project on the web-based program, or set it to start and it will keep time for you.
-You can allocate time to various categories and bill accordingly at different rates.
-You can get a full report 24/7 by time frame, by client or by employee.
The result for me has been a reduction in end of month invoicing from six+ hours down to about 45 minutes, allowing more precious time for strategy, creativity and doing the things we are passionate about doing.
To learn more about the Harvest Program, visit their website where they offer a 30-day trial for new clients: