The Aviation industry is a leader in technology. Current modernization programs are improving safety and reliability, while reducing fuel costs and consumption. The term “NextGen” is used to describe more efficient aircraft and engines, sustainable airport infrastructure projects and the move to satellite-based air traffic systems. The focus is on managing precious resources, supporting growth and ultimately having a positive effect on the environment.   
As most of you know, the end result of an Image campaign, especially in Division A, is a large binder filled with pages – and pages – of supporting documents in page protectors with sections and tabs. And of course, we do a back-up binder just in case. After all, PR professionals are organized and detail oriented!
And where do those books end up? Piled – forlornly – on a table at Golden Image to be sifted through, picked up, hauled to your room, returned to the office and then…stored on a shelf.  
In an effort to be “Next Gen,” your Image committee suggested an innovative idea to the Vice President of Golden Image. Let’s manage our resources and submit entries electronically? The VP of Golden Image was receptive to the concept and said she would discuss it with the State Office.
A few weeks later, the chapter chairs were told that the State Office liked the idea of Golden Image “going green!” Since it will take some logistical changes, the State is considering beta testing electronic submissions for Golden Image 2010. Entries would be submitted the traditional way, along with an electronic version. Judges would be able to see what changes or enhancements would be needed to support and evaluate electronic submissions in the future. Of course, you would not be penalized for anything related to the electronic version – it would just be used to work through the process of bringing Golden Image into the “jet age!”
As you are getting ready to work on your local Image entry, think about how you would submit it electronically. It may take a little scanning and use of different resources, but eventually you will end up with a complete digital file of your best projects on your hard drive, instead of collecting dust on your shelf.  
Thanks for your support in this effort to be creative and sustainable!

The Call for Entries will be available in early February, so start getting (or scanning) your award materials together now!