Got our wake-up call this morning at the Hyatt in Jacksonville, where Kathleen and I are attending the quarterly state Board meeting. The cheerful operator (YES, a real voice! But that still doesn’t make up for having to PAY for wired internet access, I mean come on Hyatt – it’s 2009!) said “Good morning Mrs. Cooper, this is your wake-up call. It’s 33 degrees out”. She said that last part very quickly so I asked “Did you say 33?” When she answered yes I told her I’d stay in my room then! No wonder FPRA President Lanette Hart says they call Jacksonville “south Georgia”. Wouldn’t mind it if I owned a mink…we really have it good in Southwest Florida.

The Jacksonville Chapter welcomed us to this beautiful city with a reception in an exclusive riverside, rooftop hospitality suite, 38 stories above the gleaming city. The sunset was amazing and watching the city come alive for the evening was a study in lights. Socializing at The Wine Bar followed…where patrons purchase a card to swipe at any of 50 plus wine stations, choosing a 1 oz., 3 oz., or 6 oz. serving. Money left on your card after an evening of taste-testing? No problem, cash it in at the register. Unique and fun!

Board meeting today at 8:30. The mood is very serious as we chat with PR pros from around the state and find many have moved on, or moved out, but nobody is moving up these days. Membership, meeting attendance and conference attendance are all areas of concern for every chapter. Perhaps the afternoon brainstorming session will yield some innovative ideas for adding even more value to your FPRA membership.