The January FPRA Business meeting was busting out at the seams with members and guests in attendance.  Nearly 70 people were present to hear Allison Blankenship talk about how to get your message out and to you audience.  Her presentation, “I Wish I’d Said That! How to Motivate, Persuade, and Communicate Under Pressure,” was excellent, and her fun personality shined through.  She discussed how in today’s crazy world of tweets, texts, and viral videos, you only have a few seconds to get your message heard, and gave attendees tips on how to do just that. Everyone left with new tactics and ideas on how to cut through the clutter with their message, and it can be targeted and persuasive in just three simple steps.   The Rule of 3, and using the age old method of an introduction, body, and conclusion!  Guests were not only able to listen, but participated in group activities to help them think on their feet and use these tactics to get their message out.