Public Relations is the glue that connects an organization to its publics; and it is often the catalyst that helps organizations overcome their internal silos.
You’d think that such an important function would be held in high esteem.
Yet, in the latest US News & World Report survey of 100 best jobs, “Public Relations” ranks #85 (behind teaching, sales and phlebotomy; but ahead of real estate agent and landscaper)!
So PR has some image work to do!
I think we start with us. We must continue our efforts to transform PR from a “job,” to a “profession.” That professionalism is driven by growing our body of knowledge and building momentum for certifications that bring our reality to life.
PR is not an art-form. It is a social science. PR Practitioners are not carnival barkers: they are information, image and reputation managers who rely on research tools, technology and the human touch to make good things happen.
Like all professionals, individual PR professionals don’t hold the franchise on wisdom. The profession grows when professionals share their ideas and experiences; and when they band together in pursuit of higher aspirations.
There is no better place for that annealing to occur than FPRA. It is the place where we define our profession and create our future.

Mike Jackson, APR, is program co-chair. Mike is a former Chicago TV newscaster, corporate communications consultant, and economic development director in Ohio and Cape Coral FL. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University