FPRA Intern David Simmons, at
PKE Marketing and PR Solutions

By: David Simmons 

The last two years of my life have flown right before my eyes and before I knew it, graduation was here. Only problem was, I wasn’t sure on which direction I would take in the world of public relations. I have always been interested in anything involving music and fashion and even restaurants and nonprofits, but the decisions I had to make was giving me a headache.

During my years at Florida Gulf Coast University, I had the pleasure of being a Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) student president. The position of president gave me the chance to meet a lot of new people, which in return help me gain more knowledge. During the last few weeks before graduation, I had met with Susan Holland, the FGCU FPRA advisor, to discuss my new direction from media and broadcasting to PR, and she had mentioned a new internship with FPRA. This internship would allow me to visit and learn from several different agencies, nonprofit, and companies. After meeting with FPRA member (and education chair) Phyllis Ershowsky, the internship was set. A week after graduation I started interning at PKE Marketing and PR Solutions assisting the team on anything that they needed help with. From newspaper clippings for clients to meeting with publications and editors, I was there. PKE has given me the opportunity to learn things that we not available to me in the classroom.

The FPRA internship features several different outlooks in PR, and next week I will be heading to the Bonita Chamber of Commence to work with Tiffany Esposito, and several events that they have planned. Stay tuned for the next installment of “My life as an intern.”