Googling “press release distribution”…title tags show up in bold. (Yes, if you’re tech-savvy this is basic, but most of us here are basic!)

It’s all about measurement…The Pheedo Network – targeting bloggers and RSS feeds that are industry-specific.

Robyn’s giving us an overview of navigating the world of social media, great emphasis on aggregating your Twitter accounts, shortening url’s, etc.

Hashtags! A way to follow tweets acording to topic. Just put # in front of the subject.

Check out your competition on

Yes, we have a chapter of the Social Media Club right here in SWFL!

Q & A with Robyn
How to use Twitter effectively…instead of “I’m walking my dog now”, provide value to your followers and use links to give them more info!

What about all the acronyms/codes on Twitter? Where are all the definitions? Just Google them!

What qualifies “spamming” bloggers? Anything that’s not relevant to the blogger! But yeah, there are gray areas.

Tina Haisman, APR, CPRC offers this advice on behalf of local reporters – if you’re not really their friend, don’t “friend” them on Facebook. It’s a more personal network vs. professional.

From Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC: Separating the internal and external, personal and professional in a large organization…where’s the line? What about time management? Use filters, use delayed release applications for Twitter, aggregartion for posting.

Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRC: How do you post a link? Starting with Facebook…
Well, ya gotta be here for this hands-on stuff, can’t describe it!

Join us at Hodges University….