Even though it is still early, your local Image team is preparing for the 2014 Local Image Awards. And, so should you!
The more you think about the potential of a project becoming an Image entry and collecting support materials as you go, the easier it will be for you to compete in the Local Image Awards. As you plan or participate in projects from January 2013 through the competition deadline on March 11, 2014, try to determine if they meet the Image standards. Also, think about the Image Award categories – maybe the special event you ran didn’t meet all the objectives you set, but the speech you wrote for the CEO to give during the event exceeded expectations and changed the attitude of the audience. Be smart – always look at all the elements of a campaign and find the perfect fit for your project.
If you are planning to submit an entry in the competition and have never entered before – or you need a little bit of guidance – then you need an Image Buddy! Last year, we started “Image Buddies” and it was a huge success. Several members took advantage of the mentoring program and went on to win – locally and at Golden Image.
Your Local Image Committee has seasoned “Image Experts” who will be there to offer encouragement and advice on how to submit an award-winning entry. We will personalize your “match” with someone who knows you or your company and has won an Image Award in the category you want to discuss. We think by offering a hands-on experience with a trusted and knowledgeable “buddy” you will feel more comfortable about asking questions and make entering Local Image a little less daunting.
If you have any questions about Local Image and/or would like help from an Image Buddy, please contact Vicki Moreland at vbmoreland@flylcpa.com or 239-590-4502.