FPRA members left the July luncheon inspired and ready to take on life with some new ideas from Dr. Dave Fleming.  Dr. Fleming told the group, “if you really want move ahead in your career, practice these things.”
1. Pay Attention
2. Be curious
3. Risk Forward
4. Stay connected
“The first and probably most important practice of a successful person is paying attention, having awareness,” said Dr. Fleming.  He recounted a life-changing experience of falling asleep while driving and encouraged listeners not “fall asleep at the wheel” in their careers.
Other tips from Dr. Fleming include:
  • Be curious: Stay humble, flexible, open
  • Risk activates things
  • Stay connected: you cannot be your best alone

In closing, for those who want to transform their business, he recommends reading Seth Godin’s book the Purple Cow.

Also at the luncheon, the FPRA recognized new members and awarded it’s annual chapter honors.