The holidays are right around the corner! This means more parties and events, jam-packed calendars, and hopefully, a little time off from work to enjoy the season with family and friends. Recent statistics show that two-thirds of shoppers will use social media to find gifts, so maintaining your company’s presence on all of your social media channels is essential. With a little advanced planning, you can come up with a strategy to ensure you continue to connect with your audience during this busy time of year.

One of the first things you should do is put together a content calendar for all of your social media platforms. Having posts planned in advance is always helpful, but during the busy holiday season it will ensure you consistently have something to share. Be sure your plan contains a good mix of content types and interesting posts to keep your followers engaged. Utilize the excitement of the holidays and keep important dates in mind such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday when trying to come up with ideas.
Once you’ve created your calendar, take the time to schedule your posts. You can schedule Facebook posts up to six months in advance using their scheduling tool.  Other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, don’t have that option, so you’ll need to use a managing system such as Hootsuite to schedule those posts. The scheduling process is very easy, but it does take some time, so the sooner you can start the better. While it’s not always recommended, linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts during this period is an option. In doing this, you will only have to schedule the posts on one platform.
 A good strategy in place will ensure that you won’t overlook your audience during this eventful time of year. Create a plan, schedule your posts, and check “Social Media” off of your holiday to-do list. This will also help ease some stress, so you can enjoy the holidays while continuing to engage with your fans and promote your business.