LinkedIn—Not just for Job Seekers! 
By Jodi Huntoon, Social Media Chair

If you’re in the driver’s seat of your company’s or client’s social media, perhaps the majority of your efforts are spent on the #1 and #2 social sites–Facebook and Twitter; but what about the #1 social site for professionals? 
Some may think of LinkedIn as a platform for networking and job seekers but it’s also one more way to promote your business.  Your business partners may not follow your Facebook page as they may prefer to keep Facebook for personal use; so LinkedIn saves the day!
In case you missed it; LinkedIn allows you to create a business page for your company as you would a Facebook page and include recent updates, description of your services offered and track engagement with the free analytics offered.  It is a very user-friendly set up and making updates is a breeze.
To ensure a successful LinkedIn experience, it is recommended to post often–whether you’re promoting your blog, an update to your website and sharing a news release; keeping your business in the newsfeed throughout the week is ideal.  Plus, this can boost Google rankings which is always a bonus.
Another suggestion for a likable LinkedIn is to participate in LinkedIn groups.  There are thousands of groups to join on the social site; there is likely one that is relevant to your business or industry comprised of a slew of potential new customers.  If a topic comes up that sparks your interest; join the discussion and see what happens. 
Finally, sometimes folks like to see fun content once in a while.  Is your business involved in a company-wide fundraiser?  Are you celebrating a milestone birthday in your office?  Share it—your clients and potential client may like to see the behind the scenes look at your company.
With more than 277 million users and counting; LinkedIn has proven to be a survivor in the social media landscape, why not add to your social media plan?