FPRA has compiled a collection of resources to assist you as we traverse through these challenging times. Check back to their website often; as they’ll continue to add to these resources. Visit the FPRA COVID-19 Resource Page Here.

Under PR PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES, you will find links to webinars, white papers, blogs and more that relate to our own professional organizations and our personal development.

Meanwhile, we have included a QUALITY OF LIFE RESOURCES section in which we have provided a variety of resources to assist you in navigating your own life during these difficult times.

Don’t forget your FPRA family is here if you need us, both at the state and local level. While we can’t connect face-to-face, we are here for each other virtually. You are not alone.


Have You Taken the Pledge? 

Launched in April, the campaign is designed to bring the community together in a positive way and encourage everyone to do their part in stopping or slowing the spread of COVID-19.
By participating, you are showing your unwavering support for your family, for our first responders, for the healthcare community, for the vulnerable populations, and for yourself.
Taking the pledge is simple.
  1. Just register as a participant at LeeGov.com/COVID-19/pledge.
  2. Use the instructions and graphics supplied in the confirmation email you receive to take a photo or video of yourself “taking the pledge”.
  3. Then share the photo or video on your organization’s social media channels or on your own. Be sure to use the hashtags: #ITookThePledge and #StayHomeSWFL.
  4. Please email it to your photo/video to pledge@leegov.com too!