PR – Who?

In order to provide the maximum planning flexibility, the Southwest Florida Chapter is beginning its Leadership Team recruiting early; particularly for the role of PR University Chairperson.

OK – so let’s do a quick “mental picture” exercise just to get an idea of how fantastic this opportunity is – We can definitely say that PRU is a great program…but let’s see how many we have here that have experienced it! Please stand (in your mind) as long as your answer to the questions is “yes.”

1. How many of you attended PRU this year?
(Great! That’s most of you! Keep standing…)
2. Now, how many of you have been to PRU in past years?
(Wow! Still most of you.)
3. How many of you have taken back something professionally valuable to your jobs?
(Ok, that’s basically a given – that’s the point of PRU after all, right?)
4. Did you have a lot of fun, too?
(Of course you did!)

Thanks! You can all sit down now…I won’t ask you all to answer right away who will be the PRU 2010 Chairperson — but we are defintely looking for a person of your experience and FPRA enthusiasm to lead next year’s PRU committee. I definitely hope that you will consider what a great program it is and how professional opportunities as a committee member and as a leader with our Chapter benefit you in your career development and enhances your FPRA experience. We would love to have you on board – please comment here or email me ( you are interested in being a part of one of our Chapter’s most highly esteemed events in 2010!

Thank you!