Have a PR Tip to Share?

Whether you’ve been in the public relations field for one year or 30; you have a resource tip that is invaluable. Generally it is a website, but it may be a free application; a social media group, page, or hint; a book or other resource. We would like share one or two tips a month with members in “Tidbits”. Send your tidbits to Kate Gooderham and please mark that they are tidbits.

Tidbit 1 – Submitted by Ginny Cooper, APR, CPRC

If you hope for television coverage of an event, be sure to factor in the time of the stations’ daily assignment meetings. They are usually held around 9 a.m. so plan to schedule your event for 11 a.m. or later for a better chance of getting coverage.  Call individual TV stations to find out specifically what time they hold assignment meetings.

Tidbit 2 – Submitted by Beckie Reeves, Marketing Director, Florida Eye Health

One of my weekly projects at Florida Eye Health is sending an email newsletter to our 80+ employees to keep them informed of what’s happening at our practice. I think it’s important to include an inspirational message every week and I find that my email subscription to WalkTheTalk is an excellent resource for these short messages, as well as ideas for Dr. Frantz’s monthly message. I receive several emails from them each week, including “My Daily Inspiration.” If you’re not already a subscriber, I hope that you’ll go to WalkTheTalk.com and sign up. I think you’ll find it a valuable resource for your company and for yourself.