Our October meeting featured a panel full of information about the past and present of the radio industry, and how we as PR professionals are able to maximize the use of their services .  Robert Hallman, Dawn Krause, and AJ Lurie from Beasley Broadcasting talked about how the radio industry has been impacted by social media, streaming music sites, and satellite radio, and how they are able to help their clients maximize the effectiveness of radio advertising and promotions.  Some of the benefits they offer to listeners, outside of great music and interesting DJs/hosts, include the fact that listening to their local radio station is free, they have local connections, and they impact the surrounding community.  It is a great resource to use as PR professionals to promote our programs, events, and campaigns because we reach the local audience that wants to know what is happening where they live, how they can get involved, and how they can make a difference.  The panel also asked that we reach out to them if we can offer any advice to them on what we want or how they can improve what they offer.  They want to form relationships with us and our clients and businesses.

If you or your business is interested in contacting any of our guest speakers, please take advantage of that opportunity!
Robert Hallman – Robert.hallman@bbgi.com – (239) 495-2100 ext. 2140
AJ Lurie – aj@bbgi.com – (239) 495-2100 ext. 2517
Dawn Krause – (239) 495-2100

Thank you to Owen-Aims-Kimball for sponsoring this event!