Presenter: Christin Collins, Corporate Sales Manager, Norman Love Confections

Three keys to personal branding:

  1. Name tag – with your company name, logo, colors – and use it!
  2. Note cards.  Hand write as many notes as you can.
  3. Introduce yourself with your full name and who you’re representing.

Personal/self branding is about building a bond with the customer, showing you care.  Find out their passions and what’s important to them.

Pretend you’re peeling an onion when finding out what the customer wants and what’s important to them.  Go to a deeper level to identify their needs.  Relating this to the non-profit world, you can grow commonality and build relationships by becoming involved in charitable causes. Let them know you care.  Be in the community, be passionate, be open, be celebratory of something off the topic of direct selling.

Remember it’s not about you.  It’s about the person you’re talking to.  That’s the key to being in the community, representing your brand and creating positive relationships.