Presented by Cindy Burgess, Communications Manager for The News-Press Media Group

The News-Press Media Group will consider partnering programs and events that:

  • Increase advertising revenue
  • Enhance our local content
  • Increase circulation, readership and viewership online
  • Delivers one or more of our targeted audiences and areas
  • Enhance the quality of life in Southwest Florida

Priority for partnership is given to businesses and organizations with which we have an existing relationship.

The News-Press Media Group will strongly consider organizations and events that appeal to the following target audiences and areas:

  • Mainstream Families
  • Midlife Success
  • Affluent Empty Nesters/Boomers
  • Reaching Adults in Lee County and in Southwest Florida

We use the following criteria when evaluating all requests for partnerships:
Does the program/event:

  • Reach one or more of our target audiences and/or geographic areas?
  • Offer readers and online viewers a unique opportunity?
  • Reinforce our image as a good corporate citizen  and community partner?
  • Provide an equitable relationship with Enquirer Media?

Provide the News-Press Media Group with:

  • The opportunity to be sole or exclusive print and online media sponsorship
  • A unique and important service or benefit to our readers, viewers and advertisers
  • The opportunity to provide a positive experience to our readers, viewers and advertisers
  • The opportunity to increase subscription or advertising revenue