Do you know where to find the latest academic research in our field?  Do you feel like reading some dense but important prose? In case you are not familiar with some of the industry journals, three of them are described below, with a list of others to check out.

Happy reading!


* Public Relations Journal, published by PRSA:

About: The Public Relations Journal, published by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), is an open-access electronic research journal focusing on the fields of public relations and communications. Its purpose is to facilitating the transfer of knowledge from the educational community to the professional community. As an academic journal, it is dedicated to the open exchange of information. As an open access journal, the research is available to all readers without the need to purchase the articles. All articles undergo rigorous objective academic review. An editorial review board of noted educators and public relations executives reviews articles submitted to the Journal.
* Public Relations Review:
Get a sample online issue of the Public Relations Review, “A Global Journal of Research and Comment”:

About: The Public Relations Review is the oldest journal devoted to articles that examine public relations in depth, and commentaries by specialists in the field. Most of the articles are based on empirical research undertaken by professionals and academics in the field. In addition to research articles and commentaries, The Review publishes invited research in brief, and book reviews in the fields of public relations, mass communications, organizational communications, public opinion formations, social science research and evaluation, marketing, management and public policy formation.

* Journal of Public Relations Research:

About: Editorial Scope: The Journal of Public Relations Research publishes research that creates, tests, or expands public relations theory. Manuscripts may include: examinations of why organizations practice public relations as they do and how public relations can be conducted more effectively; analysis of public relations publics; scholarly criticism of public relations practice; and development of the history, ethics, or philosophy of public relations. Two kinds of articles can be submitted: reviews of major programs of research (up to 35 manuscript pages) and reports of original research (up to 20 manuscript pages). All methodologies are appropriate, including social scientific, historical, legal, philosophical, and critical. The Journal is produced for the Public Relations Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in cooperation with public relations educators in the International Communication Association, National Communication Association, Public Relations Society of American, and International Association of Business Communicators. 

According to Wikipedia (I know, not 100 percent reliable, but let’s give it a try!), the following  is a list of additional peer-reviewed, English language academic journalsin public relations.