Hello and Happy Summer!
In July we are truly in the thick of summer, a wonderful time of year when families spend more time together, work slows a bit for us in Southwest Florida and we can reevaluate things a bit. What’s your goal this summer?
Is it to tackle the garage, organize your office, and catch up on the mounds of filing to be done? What about the bigger picture? I touched on this a bit last month, but now is really the time to start thinking about professional development. The adage “failure to plan is planning to fail” stands true. Book time now in your schedule, not just for the summer, but for the next year to enhance yourself as a professional.
What better way than to attend the FPRA Annual Conference in August? It’s right around the corner and a perfect way to kick off the start to a new, enhanced you! Think about following it up with some luncheons, special FPRA SWFL events and even potentially accreditation. Your chapter is here to support you and we would love to see you grow even more as a professional.
Thank you for being a member of the Southwest Florida chapter of FPRA and for what you bring to our profession. See you soon and don’t forget to – Think FPRA!

Samantha Scott, APR