We are in the middle of summer, one of my favorite times of year.  As PR Professionals we are constantly busy, but the summer months allow us to catch up on projects and maybe take a well deserved break.  The summer also marks the time of year for our FPRA Annual Conference.  This exciting event is just around the corner, and we have so many people planning to attend.  I love attending conference because it allows me to connect with other professionals and friends throughout the state, while also picking up new tips and ideas through the fantastic sessions that occur during the 3 day event.  If you are not able to attend the conference this year, we will have a recap session on August 22 at the Broadway Palm from 11:30am-1pm.  Additionally we will be posting updates and information on the chapter Facebook and blog throughout the event as well. 

 The summer also notes a time for a change in leadership for the SWFL chapter.  The new President and President-Elect will be sworn in during the State conference, and our chapter will hold a swearing in ceremony in September for the local membership.  We have a wonderful team of professionals coming on to the Board and Leadership team for 2013-2014, and I can tell that our chapter will have another great year of professional growth and opportunity!

 I have one more month left as President, and then Samantha Scott, APR will be taking over the helm.  The month of August will be full of fun and excitement with so many things taking place.  Make sure to attend as much as you can!