I know I have a few more months as chapter president, but having just completed the chapter notebook for the State office, I know that the SWFL Chapter has really had a great year!  The achievements from this year are a result of a wonderful Board and Leadership team, and as I read over the notebook, I was so proud of what this Team has done.  
As PR professionals, we are constantly moving in our day-to-day responsibilities.  It is nice to know that you have an experienced group of friends in the same field who understand your chaos and embrace it with you.  However, it is even better to know that there are so many other professionals in this group that work together as a team to help each other professionally and personally.  Teamwork, it is what I truly believe makes every project, campaign, event and program successful.  At times some team members carry heavier work loads than others, but inevitably that works out when someone needs help covering a different area.  As much as working in PR can make you feel like you are working non-stop, for anyone to achieve positive results takes teamwork. Seeing all the great opportunities and programs provided to the SWFL chapter this year is a direct result of 22 people working together, and that doesn’t count the committee members and member support provided for various events and activities. 
I love what I do!  I love this career path I have taken because it has brought me so many friends and opportunities.  PR has taught me so much as well. I probably sound like a broken record, but I am so grateful for my membership in FPRA, for the great friends I have because of it, for the awesome experience and ideas I have learned from others so far, and for the 2012-2013 Board and Leadership Team who has made this year a blast!  Make sure to stop and recognize those on your team and really appreciate the efforts of all members!