September marks the start of a new year for FPRA, and I am looking forward to taking this journey with our membership to offer excellent programs and events to enhance our professional and personal lives!  Having just been to conference, I am full of so many ideas and plans, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you.  The Southwest chapter is very fortunate to have amazing professionals as members and as leaders, and I want to send a huge thanks out to the 2011-2012 Leadership Team.  Due to your efforts last year, we have had an excellent year in our chapter.  Many new members have joined, and I hope that they enjoy this FPRA family as much as I do.  I recently met with our incoming Leadership Team for 2012-2013, and I am so honored that this group of professionals volunteered to lead our chapter this year.  They already have great ideas and are so excited to start the year as well, and I can see that this will be another fantastic year for our chapter.  I want to end this month’s article with a huge Thank You to all of our members, you are the ones who make our chapter such a success, and I am honored to serve as your President this year.