PRU: Putting the Relations back in PR included a diversified panel who touted the importance of building relationships through successful communication.

Greta Schulz, President and CEO of Schulz Training, energized the PRU crowd during the morning session with thought-provoking questions and practical advice on how to grow one’s business by building relationships. She encouraged us all to Stop Selling and Start Building Relationships.

Josh Hallet, of VOCE Communications had the answers to all of our burning social media questions. Attendees learned how to chart their social media success and build stronger brands through social media planning, monitoring and measurement tools. And yes, there is such a thing as over-posting.

Attendees took the opportunity to network and play a few trivia games before lunch hour speaker, Andy Robinson, took the stage driving home the basic principles of building and maintaining relationships.

One thing is for sure, no one in the PRU audience wanted to be a “dead fish”. Suzanne Willis, spoke to the group on “The Art of Making Meetings Pay Off” highlighting tips, tools and tactics to set the foundation of strong relationships. Suzanne urged us all to master the art of the handshake- the key is to be firm and make eye contact, and most importantly try to avoid a limp handshake known as “the dead fish”.

Do you ever find yourself shuffling papers, or straightening your office when a deadline is quickly approaching? According to Butch Ward, Managing Director of the Poynter Institute, this may be a part of our writing process. Butch took us back to the basics and really encouraged attendees to look at the writing process and find ways to better map out a project from start to finish.

What better way to end the day, than with three of the area’s finest in graphic and print design? The SWFL Chapter welcomed, Homer Gaines, Sue Lampit and Shell Lamers Redfern, to discuss tips and tools for PR pros to use in order to be more successful with their design elements. From logos, to websites to direct mail pieces, all of the attendees burning questions were answered. To read more, click here!

The event was a success due to a wonderful line-up of speakers, volunteers and sponsors. The SWFL Chapter would like to once again thank the News-Press; Briggs and Rogers Marketing & PR; LCEC; Southwest Florida Community Foundation; Gravina, Smith, Matte and Arnold; and Nulman PR & Marketing for their support of the SWFL Chapter and PRU.

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Thank you SW Florida FPRA for the opportunity to attend this years PR University. The speakers were informative and impressive. I have implemented several of social media tracking items already. It was truly a well planned event right down to the attendee gift jars matching the logo and program materials. – Patrice Cunningham, Lee County YMCA.

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